Technico Agri Sciences Limited is an Agri‐Biotech Company.

Technico Agri Sciences Limited a wholly own subsidiary of ITC Limited, commenced operations in March 1999 to produce high yielding , early generation Seed Potatoes for India and neighbouring export markets. Introducing new Technology to produce the initiating seed propagule the world’s largest TECHNITUBER®seed production facility was constructed in Himachal Pradesh in 1999 with a capacity to produce up to 18.00 million TECHNITUBER® seed per annum.

These seeds are being used to implement a limited field seed multiplication program of 3 years , reducing the current field practices by as many as 4 years. Technico’ s presence in the Indian market is bringing significant quality and speed benefit to the seed potato industry in the region.

We provide supply chain solutions to our global customers by using proprietary technology to deliver early generation seed potato products and a technology platform from which to:

  • Implement affordable early field generation seed potato programs
  • Reduce seed exposure to soil borne pathogens
  • Rapidly introduce new varieties
  • Exercise control over a compressed seed supply chain

What Makes Us Different?

If you could buy your seed at an affordable price after 2 or 3 field generations (FG-2/FG-3) compared to current industry programs of 6 to 8 (FG-6/FG-8) field generations why wouldn’t you????

Seed accumulates disease and passes it to the next field generation which keeps building up the disease load. Why would you risk multiple field generations and accumulated disease build up when you don’t have to. This just doesn’t make CENTS!!!!!

Ask your seed supplier: – “How old is this seed? Why can’t I have affordable FG-2/FG-3 seed in its place?”

Then speak to us!

Industry Innovation

By working with our clients to improve supply chain performance, Technico is delivering quantifiable benefits including accelerating product time-to-market for new varieties and assisting with the creation of a reliable and cost competitive supply chain in developing countries. In turn Technico’s clients are better able to meet the needs of their customers in the globally competitive food industry.

Central to Technico’s ability to provide optimal supply chain solutions is the company’s ownership of the TECHNITUBER® technology process, providing its partners with access to the very latest advancements in seed potato multiplication and production technology.

Importantly, Technico is realising benefits for all participants in the potato industry, from multinational processors and breeders to large-scale commercial enterprises.

In as little as 2 years, Technico can produce a “Field Ready” seed potato, from TECHNITUBER® seed, in economic volumes and at an affordable price for the commercial farmer. In most cases this eliminates anywhere from 2 to 5 years from the existing seed potato production cycle.


French Fries, Crisps and Speciality Growers

Technico has been working with world’s leading processors to fast track their new varieties ,provide high quality seed to produce high quality Chipstock /Fry stock with lower defects, leading to improved plant efficiency and better product quality. Technico has also forged strong relationship with speciality growers and variety owners to produce proprietary varieties under controlled conditions