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“Teaming up with Hannah and Amazon for this is truly special,” Kremer said in a news release. “Hannah is a brilliant journalist and she has been a friend for many years. With decades of experience as storytellers, we will be bringing a different voice and viewpoint to covering the game of football.”.

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There a bunch of old farts on here who just don get what building a program is. Just as one put it, football players play the game, not the uniforms this is what the players want. Our uniforms have gone thru drastic changes over the years, not just when Dave Brandon came on board as AD.

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The dark blue stripe across the chest represents the Oklahoma River. The belt pattern on the shorts was inspired by the four corners of the medicine wheel, which is used by multiple Native American tribes, and the shapes in that logo point back toward the “OKC” in the center. Tucked into the vent on the shorts is a delicate design of a turtle, an animal that also carries significance for several Native American tribes..

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