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wholesale nfl jerseys “The time period is fairly short for it to be the more plausible scenario.”Patel also sounded an optimistic note about the other reports of COVID 19 survivors who have retested positive. “I haven’t seen global evidence of reinfection,” she said. It might be a plausible explanation in some cases, she added, “but given how infectious this virus is, I would expect there to be more.”But even if the phenomenon of people testing positive after seeming to recover from COVID 19 can be explained by testing that is either faulty or merely accurately detecting dead virus particles, that in itself can be “controversial,” Patel said, because it raises a tricky question: “What do you do with those people?” In other words, should they be treated the same as any other person testing positive?Without a deeper understanding of the virus, the Navy’s decision to remove the sailors who had retested positive from the Theodore Roosevelt and place them in isolation again was “the right thing to do,” Patel said wholesale nfl jerseys.