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Cheap Jerseys free shipping As FT explains it:Even the much higher numbers of deaths in the pandemic suggested by excess mortality statistics are likely to be conservative, as lockdowns mean that “mortality from numerous conditions such as traffic accidents and occupational injuries possibly went down,” said Markta Pechholdov, assistant professor of demography at the University of Economics, Prague.This means the global case fatality rate for the coronavirus is likely above 10%The upshot of all this is that, once again, we have solid scientific evidence mortality records and mortuary records showing that the Case Fatality Rate (CFR) for the coronavirus is likely above 10%. The only way that not true is if you can come up with an alternate explanation of what could possibly be killing so many people, nearly all at the same time, following exponential math, in multiple nations all across the world, sharing virtually identical symptoms that correspond to covid 19.Right now, there are just under 3 million people who have been confirmed infected with the coronavirus. Even if we generously assume every one of those people is symptomatic, qualifying them as a the 300,000 worldwide deaths now carefully calculated by the Financial Times put the global Case Fatality Rate at slightly over 10%.This is, in fact, strikingly similar to the 5.6 10% Case Fatality Rate we calculated from other available numbers, without even having the benefit of the Financial Times mortality investigations.Pandemic denialists routinely obfuscate the difference between CFR and IFR, falsely comparing the IFR of the coronavirus with the CFR of the seasonal flu to try to claim the coronavirus is more dangerous than the flu Cheap Jerseys free shipping.