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Same here. I don care at all what random people on the Internet look like. I get zero affirmation or enjoyment from it. This game is clumsy, it repetitive, but it never hard/challenging or require you to think. However I still encourage you to do so and try some less optimal weapons since the old whacking gets old and boredom sets in quickly. A dog in Bloodborne has more varied attacks and require more skill from the player..

Yes. Both of my grandparents cheap nfl gear near me were born during the Great Depression, so they really got little to no gifts for Christmas. My grandmother grew up with an alcoholic father and her mother died during her childhood. You are not. They are using you as some sort of free babysitting service, and I would be hugely put off by that. When you decide the party is over, you are well within your rights to tell everyone to go home.