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Winfrey said Jackson’s estate has vehemently denied the accusations and called both Robson and Safechuck liars. Jackson fans have been vicious, as Winfrey received backlash before the interview. But she didn’t really seem to care the topic was too important.

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Gareth Charter joined MassLive Media in January 2016 and was named Vice President of Sales in September 2017. He has led the statewide expansion of MassLive developing unprecedented revenue growth and a broadening of the client roster throughout the northeast. Charter has spent his entire 25+ year media career in Massachusetts including eight previous years in Central Massachusetts as the Publisher of Worcester Magazine and several other area publications.

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These are the team building skills the Mets have beamed over. An organization known for its quantitative bent knows the value of personality, too. LeCroy believes Cuddyer should write a book on being a consummate professional and the lessons he can pass on, learned by biding his time for opportunity.

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